Yearly Archive 2020

ByCatherine Gould

Moving house?

When it comes to moving house it provides a perfect opportunity to sort out your old paper records for shredding. It’s surprising in the volume of paperwork you can accumulate over time.

The paperwork you sort out that you don’t need any more must be disposed of most carefully as the potential fraud activity can create a very difficult and emotionally draining experience if you are targeted. One of the safest ways is to use a shredding service to shred your paperwork.

UShred provide a confidential paper shredding service with your shredded paper being baled and recycled into paper towels ensuring it is secure and environmentally-friendly.

When dealing with a larger volume of paperwork it takes a great deal of time to shred at home when you could be focusing on other aspects of your house move. This is why our shredding service is a great solution if you find you need more time.

You can bring your paper to us (or arrange a collection of your paper) to be shredded in either our specific Ushred sacks or any containers (bags/boxes) you currently have your paper in. Our premises for our shredding service is based in Neston, Wirral. It’s convenient for many local area’s including Chester, Liverpool, Wirral and North Wales to drop off your paper for our paper shredding service.

Good luck with the house move and hopefully we can help make your move less stressful!

ByCatherine Gould

Drop-Off Shredding… How does it work?

A lot of our customers choose to drop-off their paper shredding at a time that works best for them to our premises in Neston, Wirral. We have adapted our secure shredding service drop-off area to make it a safer environment in regards to coronavirus ensuring you have more space and screens are put up.

We have our roller door open, this way you drop off your paper shredding in the outside air – safer than an indoor drop-off area. We ask that you book an appointment to drop off your shredding, this ensures limited people at our premises at any time.

Our outdoor Drop-Off Area.

We use wheeled cages that are by the front door to hold your shredding. You put them in the cages and once you are a meter away, we will wheel them inside for secure and confidential shredding. This means you do not have to pass them directly to us.

Wheeled cages to make dropping-off your shredding easy.

We can then take payment for the shredding service from behind a plastic screen. We accept both card and cash. We will also take your email address if you would like a VAT invoice emailing to you and a certificate of destruction. There is hand sanitiser by the card machine which you are welcome to use at any point throughout your visit.

Then that is everything you need to do- we will shred your paper for you on the same day you drop off on our cross cut industrial shredder which saves you the time and hassle having to shred it all yourself!

If you want to drop off your shredding and use our confidential paper shredding service – give our friendly team a phone call to book in your slot (0151 336 2122).

Our shredding service drop-off address is Unit 10 Windle Court, Clayhill Industrial Park, Neston, CH64 3UH.

ByCatherine Gould

Recycling Your Shredded Paper

At a time where we are seeing so much waste due to one-time use items which has been heightened by Covid-19 we are so glad to be able to contribute to the recycling effort. This is by us recycling our shredded paper, through the support from our customers choosing us to shred their paper.

The recycling journey starts with us where we shred your paper at our premises in Neston, Wirral we then bale it and send it for the next stage of recycling, this ensures the service is secure as well as environmentally-friendly.

The next stage of the recycling process is at the paper mill and begins with our paper being graded. This is based on the quality of the paper and aspects such as lot’s of plastic and metal can reduce the quality of the paper (this is one reason why we always remove plastic wallets and big pieces of metal prior to shredding).

The next stage at the paper mill is that they pulp the paper by mixing it with water and this helps to remove any items that are none paper based. They used a powerful magnet to remove any metal e.g. staples. This process also helps to remove any inks and marks on the paper taking it back to it’s raw state.

Then finally water is then drained and the paper is dried and cut to size to then be sent off to printers or tissue manufacturers.

So that’s a brief summary of your paper’s recycling journey and when you shred with us, you know that your paper is securely shredded and also recycled!

ByCatherine Gould

Some of our FAQ’s answered.

There is loads to know when it comes to paper shredding and our paper shredding service but today we thought we would focus on our most frequently asked questions.

How secure is the paper shredder?

Our paper shredder that we use for our shredding service cuts paper to a P3 level. This is a cross cut machine which ensures your paper is shredded both horizontally and vertically. Once paper is shredded it goes to our attached baler which then bales all the shredded paper to further increase paper security.

This image shows what size paper gets shredded to with a comparison against an A4 piece of paper.

What area’s do you collect from?

We can collect paper from the following area’s: Wirral, Liverpool, Chester, North Wales and Ellesmere Port. Customers can also drop off their paper to be shredded at our premises in Neston, Wirral. We ensure that we collect and shred our paper in the same day so no paper is left overnight that has not been shredded.

When can I drop my paper off?

Our secure paper shredding service is based in Neston, Wirral. We have allocated convenient time slots so that customers can drop off their paper and be the only customers at the premises due to coronavirus social distancing measures. Just give us a phone call to book your slot and we will look forwards to seeing you. Our full address is Unit 10 Windle Court, Clayhill Industrial Park, Neston, Wirral, CH64 3UH.

Our premises in Neston, Wirral. We open the roller door to take in paper so feel free to park in-front of the big roller door to drop off your paper.

Is it environmentally friendly?

Yes, it is so important to us that our shredding service is secure and environmentally friendly. All of our shredded paper is recycled and reused.

Local recycling company collecting our pallets of shredded paper to be taken for recycling.

Do you provide any documentation for the shredding service?

We provide you with a invoice and certificate of destruction which is emailed over to you. The certificate of destruction will be dated and will also state how many bags or boxes have been shredded. This is useful if you need it for company records or even just some more reassurance that your household documents have been shredded.

If you have any other questions on our shredding service, feel free to pick up the phone and call us on 0151 226 2122 or email us at where we will endeavour to answer any more paper shredding questions you may have.

ByCatherine Gould

Working from home? Here is our top tips. (And don’t worry – it’s not all about shredding your paper)!

With the outbreak of coronavirus there has been a big surge in the amount of people working from home. For a lot of employee’s, home working is a new concept and they have never had this opportunity before. Here is some of our top tips to help you make the most from working from home and make it work well for you:

Top Tip Number 1!

It may sound obvious – but make a designated space where you work. Clear a table or reclaim your study and set it up with everything you need all in one place. It means you know that when you get to your work space, you are there to work and should help you focus. If your lounging on the sofa or chilling in your kitchen you will probably be less motivated and more in a ‘chilled and unwind’ mindset.

Top Tip Number 2!

Outline your working hours and stick to it! Figure out what times you need to be working and create a timetable – then follow it regularly. Otherwise time will fly by and it will be 11 o’clock and you’ve only just sat down at your desk. If you have children or pets, the regular routine should also help them to adapt.

Top Tip Number 3!

Take breaks. Just like you should do when working in the office – it’s nice to have some time away from your screen and just relax for a moment. Make yourself a cup of tea, leave your desk or even go for a short walk – there are some lovely short walks here on the Wirral for a quick lunch time stroll!

Top Tip Number 4!

Be organised. Have everything you need in your work space – from pens, printers and work documents so you don’t have to keep getting up every two minutes to find something. And on that note, we have UShred sacks which are useful for putting your used confidential paper work in for shredding – instead of leaving them lying round. If you are local to Neston, Wirral you can come and get a bag to use.

Top Tip Number 5!

Still ensure you are following work protocol. Dress for work video calls how you would for the office, ensure your laptop has a password and is safe, shred confidential paper work (either on a home shredder or use our secure paper shredding service – it is for both domestic and commercial customers) and stick to working hours – don’t be late to log in!

Top Tip Number 6!

Use your phone. If you are not sure about something or want to ask a question then pick up the phone and ask. It’s much harder to communicate with colleagues when they are not sat next to you and so if you don’t fully grasp their email or presentation etc, then pick up the phone and ask just like you would have done if they were in the same building before home working. It’ll save you time and it’s nice to chat to people not over an email as it’s much more personable.

So that’s our top tips for working from home – hopefully you’ve found something in this article helpful!

ByCatherine Gould

How we are implementing our contact-free document shredding.

With safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the way businesses are operating has had to transform overnight. Social distancing, safety and contact-free products/services are what we firstly look for now in our business of choice.

With safety in mind, we are now operating a contact-free secure paper shredding service so you can drop your paper off or arrange for us to collect, without the worry of safety.

Contact Free Shredding Service Drop Off:

Drop off trolley’s for customers to put their paper straight into.

We ask that customers call in advance to drop off their confidential paper and we will arrange an approximate appointment time.

These trolleys help us to operate our contact-free shredding service.
We have these containers waiting by the big roller doors and you just load your paper/documents in your bags into these and put it back by the door.
Our staff member will then take your details for your invoice and certificate of destruction (From 2 meters away).
We will then take the trolley away and shred all your paper.
If you wish to drop off your paper, we are based in Neston on the Wirral. Our full address for your Sat Nav is: 10 Windle Court, Clayhill Industrial Park, Neston, CH64 3UH.

Contact-Free Paper Collections:

Our staff’s safety box to protect against contamination and transfer of bacteria.

If you want a collection to be arranged, you just need to call our office team (0151 336 2122) and they will arrange a day and time for your paper to be collected. We ask that bags are put outside your house at the agreed time as ideally our staff will not be entering any houses.

When our staff collect shredding they all have their own safety pack, to ensure the safety of our staff and also customers. Our service is contact free but we also take safety precautions.
Each one contains:
– dettol
– gloves (to wear when outside the vehicle) and masks.
– wet wipes
– hand roll
These are to try and keep our shredding service as safe as possible.
Paper is then brought back to the premises and shredded on our cross cut shredder.

We hope we have reassured all customers that we are taking safety as seriously as we take paper security and want our customers to feel safe. If you have any queries, please contact.

ByCatherine Gould

Covid-19 Update – Our now contact free shredding service.

We are excited to announce we are back open (21st April 2020) but it’s a slightly different contact-free set-up to protect our customers and staff, please see below:

If you are dropping off:
Please phone to make an appointment. When you arrive, place your bags/boxes into the designated container that our staff member indicates to. Our staff will take your details for a copy of your invoice and certificate to be emailed over to you.

If you have arranged a collection:
Please ensure that your bags are outside at the designated time for our driver to collect.

If you or someone that you live with has been in contact with or has symptoms of covid-19 then please do not give us your paper to be shredded until it is safe to do so.

If possible, please pay by card or bank transfer.

To arrange some shredding, please call our office on 0151 336 2122 or email

Thank you for your patience whilst we were closed and also for your co-operation with our new procedures. We really hope to see you all soon. Stay safe ❤️

ByCatherine Gould

What else could your staff be doing in the time that they spend shredding confidential paper work?

In some offices, staff can spend a lot of time over the course of the week shredding confidential paperwork – but how else could they spend their time?

By using our secure cabinet shred service, your staff just put all the paper they want shredding in the locked box, then we collect the bag inside (usually monthly) and shred all the paper work for you.

Our Locked Shredding Cabinet.

Staff also tend to hate shredding so by removing that slow and boring task from them, they will be a lot happier to get on with other tasks and just put the confidential paper work in the secure box to be shredded by UShred.

This leaves your employees with more time to focus on other tasks in their day but you know that the paper will still be shredded securely. If you are based on the Wirral, Chester, Liverpool, Ellesmere Port or North Wales then why not see if this cabinet could help your staff and business?