Monthly Archive March 2020

ByCatherine Gould

What else could your staff be doing in the time that they spend shredding confidential paper work?

In some offices, staff can spend a lot of time over the course of the week shredding confidential paperwork – but how else could they spend their time?

By using our secure cabinet shred service, your staff just put all the paper they want shredding in the locked box, then we collect the bag inside (usually monthly) and shred all the paper work for you.

Our Locked Shredding Cabinet.

Staff also tend to hate shredding so by removing that slow and boring task from them, they will be a lot happier to get on with other tasks and just put the confidential paper work in the secure box to be shredded by UShred.

This leaves your employees with more time to focus on other tasks in their day but you know that the paper will still be shredded securely. If you are based on the Wirral, Chester, Liverpool, Ellesmere Port or North Wales then why not see if this cabinet could help your staff and business?