Monthly Archive September 2020

ByCatherine Gould

Recycling Your Shredded Paper

At a time where we are seeing so much waste due to one-time use items which has been heightened by Covid-19 we are so glad to be able to contribute to the recycling effort. This is by us recycling our shredded paper, through the support from our customers choosing us to shred their paper.

The recycling journey starts with us where we shred your paper at our premises in Neston, Wirral we then bale it and send it for the next stage of recycling, this ensures the service is secure as well as environmentally-friendly.

The next stage of the recycling process is at the paper mill and begins with our paper being graded. This is based on the quality of the paper and aspects such as lot’s of plastic and metal can reduce the quality of the paper (this is one reason why we always remove plastic wallets and big pieces of metal prior to shredding).

The next stage at the paper mill is that they pulp the paper by mixing it with water and this helps to remove any items that are none paper based. They used a powerful magnet to remove any metal e.g. staples. This process also helps to remove any inks and marks on the paper taking it back to it’s raw state.

Then finally water is then drained and the paper is dried and cut to size to then be sent off to printers or tissue manufacturers.

So that’s a brief summary of your paper’s recycling journey and when you shred with us, you know that your paper is securely shredded and also recycled!