Monthly Archive January 2021

ByCatherine Gould

Notes. Scribbles. Memo’s. Messages. Whatever you want to call them!

Lets talk notes. Or scribbles. Or memo’s. Or messages. Whatever you want to call them! Those little bits of paper that you jot down pieces of information on.

What do you do with that note when you are done with it? Did it contain confidential information? Did you shred your paperwork?

The confidential information on notes could include addresses, passwords, bank details and other important information. Lot’s of information can actually be jotted down on this paper which could leave you open to fraud and identity theft.

We advise that you ensure that you always shred your notes so that your information is securely destroyed.

Our shredding service is here for not just documents and A4 paper documents but also those little bits of paper that you find with important information on that you want securely shredding.

Our secure shredding service is based in Neston, Wirral and we shred confidential paper for domestic and commercial customers.