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ByCatherine Gould

Working from home? Here is our top tips. (And don’t worry – it’s not all about shredding your paper)!

With the outbreak of coronavirus there has been a big surge in the amount of people working from home. For a lot of employee’s, home working is a new concept and they have never had this opportunity before. Here is some of our top tips to help you make the most from working from home and make it work well for you:

Top Tip Number 1!

It may sound obvious – but make a designated space where you work. Clear a table or reclaim your study and set it up with everything you need all in one place. It means you know that when you get to your work space, you are there to work and should help you focus. If your lounging on the sofa or chilling in your kitchen you will probably be less motivated and more in a ‘chilled and unwind’ mindset.

Top Tip Number 2!

Outline your working hours and stick to it! Figure out what times you need to be working and create a timetable – then follow it regularly. Otherwise time will fly by and it will be 11 o’clock and you’ve only just sat down at your desk. If you have children or pets, the regular routine should also help them to adapt.

Top Tip Number 3!

Take breaks. Just like you should do when working in the office – it’s nice to have some time away from your screen and just relax for a moment. Make yourself a cup of tea, leave your desk or even go for a short walk – there are some lovely short walks here on the Wirral for a quick lunch time stroll!

Top Tip Number 4!

Be organised. Have everything you need in your work space – from pens, printers and work documents so you don’t have to keep getting up every two minutes to find something. And on that note, we have UShred sacks which are useful for putting your used confidential paper work in for shredding – instead of leaving them lying round. If you are local to Neston, Wirral you can come and get a bag to use.

Top Tip Number 5!

Still ensure you are following work protocol. Dress for work video calls how you would for the office, ensure your laptop has a password and is safe, shred confidential paper work (either on a home shredder or use our secure paper shredding service – it is for both domestic and commercial customers) and stick to working hours – don’t be late to log in!

Top Tip Number 6!

Use your phone. If you are not sure about something or want to ask a question then pick up the phone and ask. It’s much harder to communicate with colleagues when they are not sat next to you and so if you don’t fully grasp their email or presentation etc, then pick up the phone and ask just like you would have done if they were in the same building before home working. It’ll save you time and it’s nice to chat to people not over an email as it’s much more personable.

So that’s our top tips for working from home – hopefully you’ve found something in this article helpful!