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ByCatherine Gould

Moving house?

When it comes to moving house it provides a perfect opportunity to sort out your old paper records for shredding. It’s surprising in the volume of paperwork you can accumulate over time.

The paperwork you sort out that you don’t need any more must be disposed of most carefully as the potential fraud activity can create a very difficult and emotionally draining experience if you are targeted. One of the safest ways is to use a shredding service to shred your paperwork.

UShred provide a confidential paper shredding service with your shredded paper being baled and recycled into paper towels ensuring it is secure and environmentally-friendly.

When dealing with a larger volume of paperwork it takes a great deal of time to shred at home when you could be focusing on other aspects of your house move. This is why our shredding service is a great solution if you find you need more time.

You can bring your paper to us (or arrange a collection of your paper) to be shredded in either our specific Ushred sacks or any containers (bags/boxes) you currently have your paper in. Our premises for our shredding service is based in Neston, Wirral. It’s convenient for many local area’s including Chester, Liverpool, Wirral and North Wales to drop off your paper for our paper shredding service.

Good luck with the house move and hopefully we can help make your move less stressful!