Clear Outs

Covid-19 Update:
Our shredding service is contact-free.
Contact our friendly team if you have any queries regarding our contact-free shredding service.
Thank you for your co-operation.

When you are clearing out, be it a office, home, garage or filing cabinets we know it can be hard work and time consuming. We are here to help and shred all your paperwork for you to save you time and give you peace of mind.

We have ushred sacks which you are welcome to collect to sort your confidential paperwork into – these are useful to know which bags are for your paperwork and how much it will cost. Alternatively you can use any boxes or bags you have.

When you have finished sorting your paperwork you can either drop your bags or boxes to us or arrange a collection. 

More information on our collection service can be found on our collections page, click here.  Further information on our drop off service can be found on our drop-off shredding page, click here


Ushred bag (holds up to approx 16kg and size of a big bin bag): £10 + VAT (£12).

Archive box: £7.50 + VAT (£9).

Collection fee may be charged depending on collection location, quantity and urgency of collection. 

We shred your paperwork on our secure cross cut shredder – we specialise in shredding paperwork to a very small cut size for maximum security.

All shredded paper is recycled to ensure that our service is secure as well as environmentally-friendly as we know it is important to recycle.

We request that there is nothing in the cabinets/sacks/boxes apart from paper. We do not accept plastic wallets, metal, food waste, plastic, nails, pens, glass or any other non-paper waste. Additional charges may be applied if these items are found in your shredding.