Other Services

Purchase Shredders

We are authorised distributors for German shredder companies, HSM and Ideal, who manufacture what we believe to be the most efficient and reliable shredders on the market. From desk-side through to office size with varying degrees of paper cross cut sizes we will have something to meet your requirements.

CD and cardboard shredders are also available.

We also have refurbished shredders which have gone through a rigorous refurbishment process and are at a reduced price.

We are happy to listen to your requirements and needs and provide you with some shredders that we would recommend to you if you would like advice on the shredders.


Rent Shredders

We understand that you may want to shred your own documents in your office so you can physically shred the documents yourself. Six monthly contract prices are £5 + VAT per week to rent an office shredder. The shredders which we rent out are HSM B34 shredders which are designed to shred up to 12 sheets at a time. They shred to security level P-4 and have a 100 litre waste bin for shredded paper.

The shredders will have a six monthly shredder service to maintain it and ensure it is in good working order for you. This only costs the price of the petrol to get to and from your office, the engineer’s time if free. One bottle of shredder oil is also provided to help you to maintain the shredder. Minimum contract length is 6 months.